Here are the steps to get to a student's class schedule and other information about the student's in your classes. 

You would select the "Class List" option or the "Faculty Detail Schedule" option.  Either of those should allow you to choose the term and then select the course.   You can select previous terms and see previous class lists. 

  • In Banner Self Service, select "Class List".  You can get to that either from the Faculty tab of myDMACC or from the left navigation menu of the Faculty Services Dashboard.  The first time you do that, you may be taken to the Detail Schedule.  After that the Class List will take you to a list of all of the classes you have been assigned to.  
  • You are looking for something that looks like this (however, these are my classes and you will see your classes):

  • Click on the course Subject Number, Section (e.g. CSC 116, WB1).  That will open the whole class list so that you can see all students enrolled in the course. 
  • Next, click on the student name.  That will take you to the "Advising Student Profile" for that student. 
  • On the right-hand side of the Advising Student Profile screen, there is a section titled "Registered Courses."  There you will see all of the courses for which the student is currently registered.  You could also look at the student's degree audit by selecting "DegreeWorks Audit" or the student's unofficial Transcript by selecting "Transcript - Unofficial." Both options are in the left-hand navigation menu of the Advising Student Profile.