The Web Info System is a DMACC site where students/employees can access their information related to their enrollment/employment at DMACC. After not being enrolled in a credit class for 270 days, or no longer being an employee of DMACC, myDMACC accounts are removed, but you will always be able to access the Web Info System, no matter how long it's been.

You can sign into the Web Info System by first signing into myDMACC, then clicking Web Info System on the left side of the page.

You can find information such as...

Personal Information

    -Change PIN

    -View PIN

    -Security questions

    -View/Update contact info/residential address

Financial Aid

    -Financial aid status

    -Financial aid requirements

    -Accounts, financial aid awards, payment schedule, loans

Student Services

    -Admission application status

    -ALEKS math assessment

    -DegreeWorks (view program/degree progress)

    -Class registration (both adding and dropping)

    -See class schedule

    -Class tuition and fees

    -Online textbook purchasing

    -View test scores (ALEKS math assessment, reading/english tests, ACT scores)

        -NOT test scores from classes

    -View/request official transcripts

        -Can be sent by postal mail and email

    -Apply for graduation

Student Accounts/Pay Or View Your Bill

    -View holds

    -Billing statements

    -Payment plans

    -1098T tax form

If you are a DMACC employee, the Web Info System will also show the Employee menu, which contains...

    -Employee time sheets

    -Tax forms

    -Pay rate and benefits information