Thank you for contacting us. This looks like a suspicious email. You can report any email you receive using the "Phish Alert" button in Outlook. The email will be checked, authenticated, and a report returned to your mailbox letting you know if the email is fraudulent or not. 


  1. Go to your myDMACC page.
  2. Click on WebMail.
  3. Find the suspicious email.
  4. Right click it.
  5. Scroll down to the security options.
  6. Click Phishing.
  7. Click report as Phishing.
  8. Delete the email

Outlook App

Please note: If your Outlook App does not have the Phish Alert Report button, you may need to update Microsoft Office. You can find this in Software Center and select either the 2019 version or 365 (both are fine).

1. Highlight the email .

2. Click Phish Alert Report.

3. Delete the email.