1. Make sure that your Airpods are charged and inside their case.
  2. Select the settings cog wheel on your phone.
  3. Select the Bluetooth option which is number 4, you can push 4 on your pin pad or use the Navigation Pad.
  4. Make sure that your Bluetooth option is on.
  5. Select Add Bluetooth device ( you can move through these options with the "Navigation Pad")
  6. Make your device discoverable by either opening the lid of your Airpods or pushing and holding the button on the back of your Airpods. (Make sure you do this while about an inch away from the phone, the white light on your Airpods case is your indication it is discoverable.
  7. Once it discovers your Airpods, you will select "Pair" option. *Note* You may get an error here, sometimes it pairs without issues and sometimes you need to continue to hold the button/have lid open while selecting pair.
  8. If you decide to pair your Airpods with any other device and want to come back to your Cisco phone, you will need to reconnect the Airpods. To do this go to Settings>Bluetooth>Find your device and select connect.