To cancel or freeze your membership you must do the following:

  • Go to 
  • Click Memberships
  • Scroll to the green box, click on the Freeze/Cancellation Request Form

What is a membership freeze?

What this means:
You can place your membership on a freeze by providing a 10-day notice before your draft date (All draft dates are the first of the month) If you know you are going to return to Trail Point this would be the best option for you! By opting into our freeze option your membership will not be billed until you are comfortable returning to the facility. This is great for those members who know they will return and want to avoid paying the joining fee.

Why do we ask for a 10-day notice to process your freeze or cancellation request?
To ensure that your membership request is processed in time for the next draft we ask for a 10-day notice. This provides the membership team enough time to process all member requests.

Things to know:

In Lieu of our standard freeze policy 1,2 or 3-month freeze, we are allowing members the option to freeze their membership until they feel comfortable returning to Trail Point.  This means your membership will not automatically resume after a specified time frame but will resume when you are ready to come back. 

How to reactivate your membership:
Easy! The first time you return to Trail Point we will have you fill out a reactivation form.  We cannot reactivate your membership via the website or email.  We will do it in person during your first visit. **Please note that the main member or spouse must reactivate the account, in person, and verify the card on file for payment.  Youth memberships can only be reactivated by a parent or guarding coming to sign the reactivation form and verifying the card on file for payment.