On Campus Protocols

DMACC Faculty/Staff who are not teaching/working on campus should follow continue to the below safety protocols before entering any DMACC facility:

  1. Fill out DMACC Approval form
  2. On approved day, 30-minutes prior to entry, contact
    • Ankeny Campus or Transportation Institute: (515-964-6500)
    • Urban Campus, EDC, DCC or Southridge: (515-248-7200). 
    • Any other DMACC location please call your campus Provost or center Director
  3. Wear your face mask (mandatory) and gloves (optional) prior to building entry and the entire time in the building.
  4. Do not use the restrooms or any common areas unless it is essential. 
  5. Document the areas you travel inside the building for custodial services to accurately and safely perform follow up cleaning.
  6. When you are leaving, call DMACC Security or your campus Provost/Director to let them know you are leaving and your documented details of building usage.

If at any time you are unsure who to contact, call DMACC Ankeny Security 515-964-6500.