Tips for Improving Battery Usage with Jabber

Check the following:      
  1. Detailed Logging: Enable this option only if you are collecting troubleshooting logs to resolve problems with the client. Keep it disabled otherwise. In the client, tap Settings > Problem Reporting. Tap the Detailed Logging switch to turn it off. 
  2. Weak Wi-Fi connection: A weak Wi-Fi connection can affect the battery life. Move to a location with a stronger network signal. 
  3. VPN use: Prolonged VPN use can affect the battery life. Using the DMACC VPN is not required for placing and receiving phone calls with Jabber so you can turn it off unless you need to access other DMACC services that do require VPN access (Using Cisco Finesse to log into the phone queues requires the VPN).

iPhones Only:

Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh, and turn this off for Jabber. You may also want to consider turning this off for other installed Apps as the default is for it to be set to on.