1. Navigate here: mfa.dmacc.edu
  2. Login if needed, Authenticate with Text message or phone call if needed. 
  3. Select “+ Add method”
  4. When you see the Add a method pop up box select the drop-down menu and select “Authenticator app”
  5. Select “Add”
  6. Download the “Microsoft Authenticator” App. Once downloaded select “Next”
    If you already have it installed click “Next”
  7. On the Authenticator app select the “ + “ symbol at the top right. Select “Work or school account”
    Back on your computer select “Next”
  8. With your phone’s camera scan the QR code. It should recognize it fairly quick.
  9. From there you should be asked to test out the app notifications. Once tested it you should be back to your main security info screen.
    1. Verify that your default sign in method is “Microsoft Authenticator – notification”
  10. After this you should be all set.