Go to your website that is using Flash, for this example we will use https://www1.udel.edu/biology/ketcham/microscope/scope.html

You will be prompted with a “Missing Plug-in” page, click on the “Missing Plug-in” Link

A popup will come up prompting you to Download the Adobe Flash Player plug-in. Click on Download Flash

This will take you to Adobe’s download site for Adobe Flash Player. Click on the “Download Now” link

When it starts downloading you will see its progress in the upper right hand corner of Safari under the Download icon. When it is done downloading double-click on the “Install_flash_player_osx.dmg” file.

It will then open the Flash Player installer, you will need to double-click on the “Install Adobe Flash Player” Icon to start the install.

You will then see a security popup warning, click on Open when you see this popup.




When the installer opens click the checkmark to agree to the license agreement and click on Install.

It will then prompt you for an admin login to install the app, enter this information and click Install Helper

When it is done installing you will see a preferences page, leave it on the recommended “Allow Adobe to install updates” and click on Done.

It will prompt you for your admin login again, enter those credentials and click Add Helper.

Make sure you close all open instances of Safari and open it back up and let’s go back to our webpage. https://www1.udel.edu/biology/ketcham/microscope/scope.html  it will now prompt us to Use Flash on this page, click on Use Flash and it will take us to our Flash website and it should be fully functional now.