The pass/fail form will become available starting at midnight on May 14th and will close at midnight on May 20th.

Please follow the instructions below on how to access the form:
  • Login into your myDMACC account
  • Click on the Web Info System tab
  • Click on Student Services & then Student Records
  • Click on Switch Normal Grade to Pass/Fail Grade

Students will finish their classes as normal, getting a letter grade. Those grades become official on May 13.  After that happens, students will have one week (May 14-20) to fill out a form asking for any/all of those classes to become pass/fail instead.  Students will "pass" the class as long as their final grade is at least a C-. They will "fail" if their final grade was a D+ or lower. However, this "fail" will not hurt their overall GPA the way that a regular F would. If a student does nothing, their grades will be entered as normal.  
Deciding whether to take a pass/fail option involves many different factors. To get the best answer for your situation, please reach out to your advisor.  To find your advisor, please go to Find An Advisor.