Orientation is not required for Guest/Non-Degree Seeking students. You will be eligible to register for courses once your registration opens. Please visit the registration website to view registration dates: https://www.dmacc.edu/registration/pages/registrationdates.aspx

You can use the following link to view the schedule of classes: https://www.dmacc.edu/schedule/Pages/welcome.aspx.

  • You will want to select the Semester of Interest
  • Under location, select 'All' or 'Online'
  • Under subject, select 'Topic of Choice'
  • Then scroll down and click search; this will provide the courses offered during the semester of interest at each campus, online, and Web Blended. Campus location will show in the second column from the right. When registering for classes, this area will indicate the type of class in which you enroll (campus location, internet class-WEB (online), or Web Blended).

Here is the link to the registration methods information: https://www.dmacc.edu/registration/pages/methods.aspx. If you would like to register on your own, the following link will provide instructions on how to do so using Web Info System: https://www.dmacc.edu/registration/Documents/registrationInstructionsForWIS.pdf. You are also welcome to reach out to the Registration Office for further assistance. Registration can be reached at 515-964-6800 or registration@dmacc.edu

For answers to specific questions about classes, please contact Kris Olds, Guest Student and Online Learning Academic Advisor. She can be reached at klolds@dmacc.edu and will provide additional support and assistance.