In Outlook, you can create a separate mail profile if you wish to have other inboxes, such as shared mailboxes, separate from your regular email account. This is also necessary if you must send out a mail merge from a different email address than your regular address.

In the Windows search menu, enter Control. You should see a result for Control Panel. Click on that result.

After entering the Control Panel, use the search bar at the top-right to search Mail. Click on the search result that says Mail (Microsoft Outlook).

Once you click Mail (Microsoft Outlook), you will encounter this window. Click on Show Profiles...

Before clicking Add..., also ensure that the Prompt for a profile to be used bubble is selected. This will allow you to choose which email account you wish to open, when you launch Outlook. After this point, you can click Add...

After clicking Add..., you will see this window asking for a profile name. You can name this anything you'd like.

After entering your profile name and clicking OK, you will be brought to this window. Enter the email address of the email account you want to set up. For the Your Name field, you can enter whatever you'd like. When finished, click Next.

While your profile is in the process of being added, you may encounter this window. Please enter your personal DMACC email address, not the email address you're adding in this profile.

Past this point, you should receive a confirmation that your mail profile has been added. If you close and re-open Outlook, you will see the option to pick a profile. You can choose the default profile to access your personal DMACC email address like you usually do, or you can choose the new profile and open that inbox instead.