In Windows devices, there is always a default printer set. This printer will be the default device selected when you open the print menu in various applications. It is possible to change this printer default to another device if you want something else selected automatically.

In the Windows search menu, enter Control. You should see a result for Control Panel. Click on that result.

While inside the Control Panel, click the category that says Hardware and Sound. If your Control Panel looks different, you can click the View by parameter at the top-right of the window and change it to Category.

While inside the Hardware and Sound menu, click the Devices and Printers category.

While inside the Devices and Printers menu, you will see a list of printers that are added to your computer. Find the printer you'd like the new default to be, then right-click on that printer. In the options that appear, click on Set as default printer

After a moment, the default should successfully switch over to what you selected. The selected default printer will always have the green check mark symbol next to it.