1.) To add another profile in Outlook please go to the "Control Panel".

2.) Once the Control Panel is open please search "Mail" in the search box on the top right. 

3.) One option should show up named "Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016)" or Mail (32-bit) please select either option shown."



4.) Once you have chosen the "Mail" option the Mail Setup window will open. Please select "Show Profiles..."

5.) Inside this window select "Add..."

6.) A "New Profile" window will appear. Please enter a name for your profile you are wanting to add and click "OK". 

7.) The "Add Account" window will appear after clicking OK. Please enter the full name and email address you want shown. Leave the password options blank. Once you have completed these steps please select "Next >".

8.) After selecting "Next >" it will advance you to the "Searching for your mail settings..." and "Configuring" window. After a few moments you will see a pop up window asking you to enter your username and password. 

            A.) Please note: If you are adding a shared mailbox that you have access to you will need to enter your own username and password on the login window.

9.) Once you have authenticated at the login window your setup window will say "Congratulations!" Please select "Finish". 

10.) You will now be back to the Mail window. Your profile should show up in the list of "The following profiles are setup on this computer". There is one more important step to complete. Please select "Prompt for a profile to be used"


A.) This will allow you to select if you want your personal DMACC email or a shared email when opening Outlook.

11.) Please select "Apply" then "OK" to complete the setup. The Mail window will close and you can also close the Control Panel window. 

Your setup is complete.