Note: We recommend using the Microsoft Outlook app for the best compatibility with your DMACC email inbox on your Android device.

On your Android device, open the Play Store app. It looks like this...

Once you're in the Play Store app, use the search field at the top and search "Outlook".

Select Microsoft Outlook

For the official Outlook app, you should see 100M+ downloads. Select Install.

Once Microsoft Outlook finishes installing on your device, open the app. It looks like this...

After opening the app, select Get Started.

At the bottom-right, select Skip.

Select Office365 as account type 

Past this point, you'll be prompted to enter an email address. Enter your DMACC email address.

After selecting Continue, you will be automatically brought to the myDMACC login page. Please enter your password you would normally use to log in to myDMACC.

Past this point, you'll have the option of finishing the email setup, or selecting another email account to add. Select Continue to add another email inbox, or Skip to finish.

Once you continue or finish adding the accounts you want, you'll see a quick tutorial on the features of Outlook. Once you go through these or select Skip, you're ready to use your DMACC email inbox through Outlook.