Month-to-month memberships can be cancelled by providing a 30-day in-person written notice with the Membership Cancellation Form at the Trail Point Membership Desk.  

Members are to turn in their Trail Point Membership cards at the time of completing the Membership Cancellation Form.  

Memberships are pre-paid for the entire month (28 to 31 days) and partial month refunds will not be issued.   

We cannot accept cancellations by phone, verbally or by fax.  

Paid in full memberships cannot be cancelled before the end of the term agreement.


Memberships may be placed on a freeze 1-time/year up to 3 months.  

Your membership would not draft for up to 3 months, then auto-start again at the completion of the freeze. 

This way you will avoid repaying the joining fee when you would like to restart your membership.  

Just complete a freeze form at the membership desk to begin your membership freeze.  

We just ask for a 10 day in-person written notice to process a freeze.    

*Memberships on Freeze must reactivate in order to cancel with the 30-day cancellation notice. 

Why do we ask for in person cancellations or freezes?

We ask for the in-person written notice for a few different reasons:

  • To provide a written documentation of the cancellation/freeze request.
  • To verify the understanding of the last membership draft and when the membership ends/starts.
  • To verify that the person making the cancellation/freeze request is the member of the facility.

There are other back office administration purposes for the policy, but most importantly it is to protect the member and verifying understanding.