1. Go to the DMACC website at: https://www.dmacc.edu/Pages/welcome.aspx 

2. Click on "myDMACC" at the top of the page

3. Log in using your DMACC email address and password. 

4. Click on the "Student" tab

5. Scroll down to Banner self service

6. Select "ALEKS Math Assessment"

7. Next click Begin Math Assessment

I'm including the link to the "How to use ALEKS" webpage for your review. The page provides some helpful information regarding ALEKS. Click on the blue tabs on the left side of the page to learn more about the Math Assessment. https://www.dmacc.edu/mathplacement/Pages/takealeks.aspx

Once they are logged into ALEKS they should see New DMACC Students in their active classes.

Once they click on the class, they will see this starting screen: