Feeding Children 

We do not serve snacks or meals (with the exception of bottle-fed infants). You can help your child enjoy the time they spend with us by coming with a full belly!  For infants, please be sure to label bottles with your child’s first and last name.  If your child uses a pacifier, we ask that you use a pacifier clip.  


Diaper Changes & Toilet Learning

Please bring diapers and wipes and we would be happy to change your child while they are with us.  During your first visit, we will put a Trail Point name tag on your diaper bag to support staff in easily identifying which diaper bag belongs to which child!  


We will also support children with toilet learning.  Just let us know the last time your child used the restroom and cues your child may demonstrate to indicate they need to use the restroom. A change of clothes is always helpful too (just in case!).