The myDMACC mobile app will ask for your DMACC ID number (900#) and six-character PIN. If the PIN you're using is something you received in a letter or email, it must first be changed in the Web Info System. After changing your PIN, you can use that PIN on the app.

What is the Web Info System?

There are two ways you can log in to the Web Info System...
     1. You can log in directly here. You will need your DMACC ID number (900#) and the six-character PIN you received.
     2. You can log in to myDMACC and click the Web Info System button on the left side of the page.

Once you're in the Web Info System, click the Personal Information tab at the top-left of the page.


A list of links will appear on the left side of the page. You'll see entries for View PIN and Change PIN.


In the Change PIN menu, you'll be asked to enter the old PIN. This will be what your PIN is currently set as.

New PINs must be exactly six characters long, with at least one lowercase letter and at least one number.
Once your PIN is changed, you can use that to log in to the myDMACC mobile app.


If you can sign in to myDMACC, you can see what your PIN currently is.
Once logged in, click the Student tab at the top left of the page. If you're staff or faculty, click the Staff or Faculty tabs.


Once the tab is clicked on, a list of links will appear on the right side of the page. You will see an entry towards the bottom that says View PIN.


You can use the same process as above to change your PIN.