The DMACC mobile app will ask for your DMACC ID number (90#) and six-character PIN. If the PIN you're using is something you received in a letter or email, it must be changed first. After changing your PIN, you can use that new PIN on the app. 

Please make sure you are able to log into myDMACC first. Once you are logged into myDMACC you can view/change your pin. 

If you would like to view your pin, click view pin

If you would like to change your pin,  click change pin 

If you click Change PIN, the process to set your new PIN.

In the Enter Old PIN box, please enter the temporary PIN you received. For your new PIN, you must have exactly six characters, and need at least one lowercase letter and one number.

Once you're ready, click Change PIN. After your PIN is changed, you are ready to use this new PIN on the myDMACC mobile app.

If you don't know your DMACC ID number or need us to reset your pin please email or call us.