Adding a printer is pretty much the same process between Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Open the Control Panel. Search Control in the start menu, or press Windows Key + R, then enter Control.

Click Hardware and Sound.

Click Devices and Printers.

Click Add a Printer

On Windows 7, you’ll be asked what type of printer you want installed. Select Add a Network, Wireless, or Bluetooth Printer. On Windows 10, you’ll be brought straight to the list of available printers to add.

Click The printer I want isn't listed.

Click Find a printer in the directory, based on location or feature.

In the following window, you can search by either printer name or printer number.

     -For printer numbers, enter *PR, then the five-digit printer number.

     -Ex. *PR29333 is our Computer Repair printer.

Printer names follow a specific template…


Ankeny = AN

Urban = UC

Boone = BN

Perry = PR

Southridge = SR

Newton = NT

Ames = AM

Evelyn K. Davis Center = EDC

For example, searching by AN-B06 will return every networked printer in Ankeny, Building 6.

For example, want to find a printer at Southridge, Building 1, Room 3?

     SR-B01-R003 will list every printer in that room.

Whether you search by printer name or printer number, just double-click the printer you wish to install, then set it as the default printer if needed.