Note: Your iOS version must be at, or greater than, 11.3.1 in order to receive DMACC emails to an inbox set up on your iPhone. You can still view your email through a web browser by using Webmail in myDMACC.

You can see how to check your iOS version here.

1. Go to your Settings app on your phone, then navigate to Accounts & Passwords.
2. From here, tap Add Account. This will display a list of email providers. For DMACC email, select Exchange.
3. At this point, you will be asked to enter your DMACC email address. If you see a box for Description, this is what your DMACC inbox will be called when you bring it up in the email app you're using.
4. After you enter your DMACC email address, you can choose whether to tap Configure Manually or Sign In. Select Sign In.
5. You will be brought to the myDMACC login page, which will ask for your password. Once you do so and log in, you may get a screen asking what to sync, such as calendars and contacts. Once you have this configured to your liking, continue on.
6. Your mail profile for DMACC should now be set up on your Apple phone. If you navigate to the email app that you use, there should now be an inbox for DMACC that is receiving emails.

Depending on your type of Apple device or your iOS version, the wording of the buttons for the above steps may be a little different.