If you want to no longer receive updates from a Blackboard class, such as grading or due dates, there is an option on the Blackboard site to disable these.

First, log in to Blackboard.

    -You can log in either directly at https://dmacc.blackboard.com

        -Direct Blackboard logins use your username without @dmacc.edu at the end, then your regular password.

    -You can also log in to myDMACC at https://my.dmacc.edu

        -After you log in, click the Blackboard button on the left side.

Once in Blackboard, go to your profile below the institution page and find the global notifications settings in the bottom right

From there, click the push notifications link and then make sure all the boxes you don't want notifications from are unchecked.

At this point, you'll be brought to a page that displays your Blackboard notifications and you can decide what type of notifications you receive.

Then once you have selected what you wanted you can click save and then exit.