Are you the host, or did you receive an invitation to join a video conference?

Will you be joining the meeting alone, or will you be joining with multiple people?

  • If you are joining the meeting alone, all you need are a camera, microphone, speaker (or headphones) and internet connection. You can join most video conferences with just a laptop or even a smartphone.  If you are joining on a PC, you should have a USB camera/microphone, and PC speakers or headphones.
  • If you’d like to purchase a USB camera with microphone for your computer, here’s one we recommend:
  • If you are joining the conference with multiple people, you will need to reserve a room with a big screen TV (or projector) and PC. Check with your department admin to see if there is a camera / speaker / microphone solution you can use.  If not, you can reserve the Meeting Owl from the Tech Support Help Desk. Email Include the link to join your meeting along with the date, time, and location for setup.

Meeting Owl Details: - a few departments have purchased these for their deparment's use.

To join a meeting, just click the URL or link from the meeting invitation. You may receive a prompt to install a plugin for the meeting application. Click to allow the installation.

If you need help scheduling, or if would like to test your equipment before the live meeting, email the details along with when you’re available to test. A tech support representative will follow up with you.