If you're DMACC staff/faculty and on a DMACC computer on-campus, we can remote in after we determine your PC number.

If you're on a desktop, there will be a white tag on top of the tower, towards the front. This tag will say Property of DMACC, then five numbers underneath that. 

If you're on a laptop, this tag will be on the bottom side.

Once you provide the PC number, we can remote in.


If you're a student or on a personal device, we can remote into your computer using TeamViewer. 

Click here to download TeamViewer for Windows: http://get.teamviewer.com/nvusv98 

Click here to download TeamViewer for Mac: http://get.teamviewer.com/zhh2hzp 

Once downloaded, please give us a call at 515-965-7300 and we'll provide further instructions so we may establish a connection with you.