In order to request a refund for PaperCut, please follow the steps outlined below, which are detailed in the Student Guide to PaperCut.

Requesting a print refund:

In some cases, you may be entitled to a printing refund. You may submit a request by following the steps provided below. Your request will be reviewed and a response provided within one week.

Each refund request will be considered on an individual basis. If you feel that your situation warrants a refund, please provide as much information as possible about your issue. Include what software application you are printing from and the computer name. The computer name is the same as the Property of DMACC sticker number found on every computer.

Refunds will usually be issued for the following reasons:

· Printer malfunction

· Printer out of paper

Circumstances in which refunds WILL NOT be issued include:

· Jobs sent to the wrong printer

· Improper page/file setup

· When an “out of service” sign is posted

· Repeated printing of a file that is not printing

· When not enough information is provided in your request for us to understand the situation

How to submit a refund request:

If your PaperCut account is charged for print jobs that never completed, you may request a refund online.

1. Click the Details… link located at the bottom corner of the PaperCut account balance window. This window appears when you first sign in to DMACC campus computers.

2. Log in to your PaperCut account via the pop-up login window. Your login information will be the same as for myDMACC.

3. On the Summary page, click the Recent Print Jobs link located in the left-hand column.

4. Find the job that didn’t print and click the request refund link under the Status field.

5. On the Request Refund page, make sure you add a reason for your request. Please allow 5 business days for all refunds to be processed.