PaperCut is a print management service that allows consistent administration of print devices.

DMACC has chosen PaperCut to help reduce wasteful printing as well as our carbon footprint by regulating printing.

In addition to being able to print to networked printers from a DMACC computer, PaperCut also allows us to offer you the ability to print from your own personal device (laptop, tablet, etc.) via the web print feature.

You will be given a credit of $20.00 in your PaperCut account at the beginning of each term that you are enrolled as a DMACC credit student. When your account reaches $0.00 your printing privileges will be suspended and you will not be able to print until more money has been deposited into your account.

Printing privileges will also be suspended if you are no longer taking credit classes at DMACC.

The costs for printing are as follows:

$0.05 per Grayscale page

$0.06 per Grayscale Duplex page ($0.03 per side)

$0.25 per Color page

$0.30 per Color Duplex page ($0.15 per side)

More Information: Student Guide to PaperCut