There are a couple of different ways to print to a DMACC printer from your personal device. 

Mobility Print and WebPrint

Mobility Print -

Please follow this link for directions If you do not see the printer you want to print to listed please contact Tech Support at 515-965-7300 or 

Web Print -

Web printing allows you to print from your personal device to any available DMACC printer.

*You may print most common file formats using the Web Print function.

  1. Open your web browser and go to
  2. Click on the Web Print link in the left column
  3. Select Submit a Job
  4. Select a printer to print to. See the graphic below to aid you in selecting a printer. 

5. Click the 2. Print Options and Account Selection >> button

6. On the Print Options screen input the number of copies you wish to make.

7. Click the 3. Upload Documents >> button

8. Click the Browse… button and choose file you wish to print

If you have any issues please contact Tech Support at 515-965-7300 or

Please remember to ALWAYS logoff when you are done using the computers at DMACC.


Contact Tech Support at 515-965-7300 or

Please DO NOT keep trying to print your job as you will waste your print credits.