Fax Server MFP Setup and Installation Procedures

1 Ordering

     a)  Hardware Software Request Form submitted.

     b) Identify Point Person

     c) Obtain FAX number(s)

     d) Create Help Desk ticket and assign to MFP Queue.

     i) Queue members:  Mark Clark, Dave Morgan, Jim Rehder, Rich Banker, Tim Callahan, Brenda Hickle, Craig Brown.

2  Computer Repair

     a) Identify Printer(s), FAX machine it’s replacing

     b) Verify Data Connection

     c) Will MFP need to print from Banner?

     d) Update ticket.

3  Fax Forms Duties

     a) Identify department users needing access to the FAX forms library.

     b) Setup Alerts

     c) FAX Retention

     d) Detail Categories

     e) Train Users

     f) Create Department Link on FAX Forms Site.

     g) Training materials provided to end users.

4  Machine Arrival

     a) Machine Received, Prepped and Plugged into the Network

     b) Config Page Printed and MFP configured with PR#

     c) Create AD account with email address of the MFP.

     d) Digital Sending Tab created in PR and user AD accounts updated with Fax number.

     e) Configure Email Settings Tab on Printer.

     f) Banner Printing and Access Team notified if Banner Setup needed.

     g) Update Ticket: Ready for Cutover.

     h) Cutover Completed, Test FAX sent

     i) Coordinate installation.

5  Machine Installation

     a) Deliver and install MFP.  Remove FAX and additional printers.

     b) Verify Point Person received notification and users can access FAX files.