Southridge Event Center


Room 20 Sections

Please click Reply to this email and mark the sections of the room that will be used for your event.

 Place X inside appropriate brackets.

[   ] A     [   ] B     [    ] C     [   ] D



Event Control Kiosk Location

What section of the Event Center will the computer kiosk be that controls the digital media for your event?


[  ] 20A     [  ] 20B     [  ] 20C     [  ] 20D




We have multiple mics available for your event. Please indicate the types of microphones you will need and provide a brief description of the location of the mics in the space below.

Note** Hand held style wireless microphones can be provided for your event. These are a special request and will need to have extra coordination between Systems Integration Staff and your Event Coordinator.


[    ] Wireless Lapel  -  Qty  ___                            [    ] Wired - Qty ___ ,  Mic Stands – [    ] YES  [    ] NO


                Microphone Location(s):




Will you be using the large projection drop-down screens?


[    ] 20B West Facing     [    ] 20B South Facing     [    ] 20D West Facing




Flat screen TV’s are available in each room segment. Please indicate the TV’s that you plan on using for your event.


[    ] 20A     [    ] 20B     [    ] 20C     [    ] 20D



Special Requests

Use the space below for any special technology requests that are not listed in the above form.