You can access MyLab, a virtual DMACC PC, by going to

MyLab virtual machines emulate a DMACC campus computer. In other words, you can use these virtual machines as if you were using a computer on-campus. This includes seeing your P: drive, and being able to access special software that is deployed to these virtual machines.

When navigating to, you have two options for connecting to a virtual machine.

Option 1:  You can choose Install VMware Horizon Client on the left. This will take you to a VMware download page where you can choose the Horizon Client that matches your OS.

You will be asked for a server address to connect to. Please enter

Option 2 (Recommended):  You can also choose VMware Horizon HTML Access on the right, which uses your web browser to access MyLab. We recommend this option because it requires no setup or software installation. Click the following link to bypass Option 1 and continue to HTML Access:

Use your usual username and password to sign in, make sure the domain reads "DMACC".  

After signing in, you will see a list of virtual machines that you can connect to. Simply click one of them to connect to that virtual machine. The student virtual machines contains specialty software for class work such as 3D modeling, Office 2016 products, and simulation software.


For Mac Users:

Step 1.) Go to the website called, click on Install VMWare Horizon Client.

Step 2.) Make sure to download the mac os version 

Step 3.) Find it in your downloads and click on it.

Step 4.) Click on the Agree button to open up the application.

Step 5.) You can drag the application on your desktop if you would like or to open it up click on the icon on the left.

Step 6.) This will pop up next, just click open.

Step 7.) The next thing that will pop up is asking you to enter your password - click continue.

Step 8.) Once you have entered your password then this come up enter as the connection server.

Step 9.) It will then have you sign in your login credentials (Note: login would be the same as you would if you were logging in to a dmacc computer lab)

Username: (without

Password: same as the one you use to login to Blackboard or Portal

Step 10.) Finally Click on the Student's Desktop and it will take you in.