The DMACC Alert - Emergency Notification System (RAVE) can quickly alert DMACC students, faculty and staff of any delays or cancellations of class, from either weather or other causes. It's also used in the event any security concerns or emergencies.

If your contact information is up to date in the Web Info System, you will receive the alerts automatically.  If you'd like to add additional email addresses, SMS, or phone numbers, please follow the instructions below.

Navigate to

Note: The DMACC Rave Alert username is your full DMACC email address, but the password is not your DMACC password. The accounts for this website are separate from myDMACC, and therefore requires an initial password change so you can access the account.

To sign in for the first time, click Forgot your password?

In the next window, enter your DMACC email address and click Submit.


An email will be sent to your DMACC email address with instructions to set a password.

Once signed in, you can add phone numbers and email addresses as you please.

Questions? Call 515-964-6816

For more information on the DMACC Alert- Emergency Notification System, please click here.