Thank you for your inquiry. I am providing you with the link to the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) webpage for your reference. This page will have more detailed information about the EMT program.

I am also providing you with the link to the Emergency Medical Services webpage which includes the programs that fall underneath the EMS umbrella for your review. On the right hand side of the page under "Completion Options", you can click on the program title to view the Program Information Brief (PIB). The PIB will provide you with the term the program starts, the entry requirements for admission, courses needed for completion, as well as the cost of the program.

One of the entry requirements for the EMT program is to complete the CPR course. The American Heart Association and American Red Cross are the only two CPR courses that are accepted. If Web-Blended is utilized, both the online and in-person skill verification must be complete before the credential will be accepted for admission. The links for the two options are below:

Approved American Heart Association CPR Certification Course 

Approved American Red Cross CPR Certification Course


If you have additional questions regarding the EMT program, please contact Dustyn Dickhaut, Coordinator - EMS/Fire Science, at 515-965-7051 or by email at


The following links provide information about the college admissions policy and the admissions requirements:


The link to the online admissions application is available for your reference.


For answers to specific questions about the admissions process, please contact a DMACC Admissions Representative by email at or 515-965-7337. They will provide answers to your questions and support as needed with the admissions application process.

Schedule of Classes
To view the class schedule, click on the semester of interest; select subject 'Emergency Medical Services', then scroll down and click search and this would bring up the schedule for EMT. You can refer to the Program Information Brief to view the list of required classes needed to complete the program to determine when the courses are offered.