The answers from our Frequently Asked Questions about course delivery is available for your review: What is the difference between a web-enhanced course, a web-blended course and an online course?

Online course: A course taught entirely online. Students are not required to come to campus at any point during the semester.

Web-blended course: The course format has at least one of the course credits (15 hours) online and at least one credit in the classroom. The time spent face-to-face is lessened because of the online component of the course.

Web-enhanced course: An instructor uses Blackboard to enhance their fully face-to-face course. Classroom time is not lessened because of the online component. Blackboard is often used to web-enhance a course by posting the syllabus or other documents or to use the grade book feature.

Prior to a semester, instructors will need to determine whether or not they will be using Blackboard to web-enhance their course(s). Once that decision has been made, the course needs to be coded as web-enhanced in Banner. This code will trigger the course to be automatically created in Blackboard when courses are loaded for the upcoming semester. Instructors should contact the person responsible for scheduling in their area to have the course(s) coded correctly. NOTE: Online and web-blended courses are already coded in Banner and therefore will have course shells automatically created.

You can click on the following link to view the schedule of classes in the subject area of interest.
• You will want to select the semester of interest
• Under location leave as All or Online
• Under subject select 'Topic of Choice'
• Then scroll down and click search; this will provide the courses offered during the semester of interest at each campus, online, and WebBlended. Campus location will show in the second column from the right. When registering for classes this area will indicate the type of class in which you enroll (campus location, internet class-WEB (online), or Web Blended).

The link to the tuition and fees information  is available for your review. Note that online courses are an additional $30.00 per credit hour:

You may view DMACC's online learning information from the following link. Please select the tabs on the left side of the page to view additional information.