You may want to meet with an advisor to help you process what is necessary to work toward acquiring your teaching degree. The advisors provide support and assistance with the academic planning process. The link to the contact information for the academic advisors assigned to each campus and program is available for your review.

You may review the following link with general program information about DMACC Degrees. You can earn these degrees at DMACC with the intent of continuing your education at a four-year college or university.

The link to the online degrees, certificates and courses is available for your review. You may earn the Liberal Arts AA degree online.

You will want to contact the college in which you plan to complete your bachelor's degree to discuss transferring your DMACC associate degree into the program at that college. The following link provides the DMACC pre-education information:

You will need to apply as a new student (Liberal Arts AA). Please allow 5 to 7 days for processing of the application form. After your application is processed, admissions will send you an email with your next step. I'm including the link to the online admissions application:

For answers to specific questions about the admissions process, please contact a DMACC Admissions Representative at 800-362-2127 ext. 7337 or 515-965-7337 or by email at They will provide answers to your questions and support as needed.