Instructions for Establishing Multi-Party Conference Call Using Cisco Polycom IP Conferencing Unit


 Press the OFFHOOK button to get a dial tone.  Dial the number of the first party to be included in the conference call.  If this is an off campus number, remember to dial 8 to get an outside line.

Once this connection has been completed, press the CONFRN softkey, which will place the first party on hold and provide a dial tone for you to dial the number of the next attendee.

Dial the number of the next party to be included; dialing 9 before the number if the party is off campus.

After the party answers, press the CONFRN softkey again to join all the parties.


Repeat steps 2 through 4 to add any additional parties to the call.  The max the system will allow is up to six parties (including yourself) to be connected to the conference call.

If there are any additional questions or problems concerning the phone, please contact DMACC Helpdesk at 515-965-7300.


**Please ensure that you dial 8 before entering the phone number of the person you are calling**

**When calling a number outside the 515 area code you will need to dial 81 before the dialing the number**