Revised DMACC Templates

The DMACC letterhead template has been revised to include our career academies and centers and to match the DMACC stationery that many of you have for your printers.

A DMACC PowerPoint template has been revised to include our latest campaign.

TO INSTALL as a template in the Word or PowerPoint program, perform the following:

1. The templates are located on the DMACC Tech Support website. Click – Sign In – DMACC Templates.

2. Open DMACC Letterhead 2016 or DMACC PowerPoint Template.

Note: You must be ‘Signed In’.

3. Click File – Save As – Computer -- Browse

4. In the Save As dialog box, click the options arrow in the Save as type: field.

5. Select Word Template or PowerPoint Template.

6. Click Save.

Note: The template will be saved in a hidden folder on the C drive of your computer. That is what you want to do.

TO USE the DMACC Word or PowerPoint template:

1. Launch Word or PowerPoint. The Start Screen will appear showing you the recently used files as well as available templates. Or if already in Word or PowerPoint, click File and select New to view available templates.

2. Click the PERSONAL link to the right of the FEATURED link. Click to open the Custom Office Templates folder. The DMACC_Letterhead_2016 template or DMACC_PowerPoint_Template should appear. Double-click to open. You have just opened a brand new Word document or PowerPoint file.


* The DMACC logo, url, and phone number are in the header area.

* The campus and center locations are in the footer area.

* Because of a section break that has been set at the top of the document, you may set whatever margins you would like and if printing more than one page, the headers and footers will not appear on the second page.


* The first slide shows the new campaign screen.

* Click the New Slide icon to create a new slide with the Title and Content layout or click the New Slide options arrow for additional layout options such as Title and Content, Title Slide Blank, etc.

For assistance, please contact DMACC Tech Support at or call 515-965-7300.