To acquire a copy of your DMACC High School Diploma transcript, please contact Lisa Stubbs by phone at 515-964-6255 or by email at . She will provide the necessary support and assistance with Diplomas granted before July 2018. The High School Completion Center is located in Building 17 Room 5 at the Ankeny Campus. 


For answers to questions about completions, scores, transcripts, records, or any items related to HiSET/GED (granted after July 2018), please contact DiplomaSender or call 1-855-313-5799 and they will provide the necessary support and assistance.

DiplomaSender is your source for High School Equivalency documentation. If you took the HiSET, TASC, or GED test in one of the states listed on the diploma sender website, your official high school equivalency records should be available through DiplomaSender.