To reset your password from your Office 365 account follow the steps below.

This will affect your login for all sites that use your username and password, or email address and password, including Webmail, myDMACC, Blackboard, campus computer login, MySite and DMACC forms.

Text Only Steps:

1.) Log into your DMACC Office 365 account at 

2.) On the top right select settings. (Gear Icon)

3.) Settings will open up.  Under "Your app settings" select "Office 365".

4.) You are now on the "My account" page. Select "Security & privacy".

5.) Now select "Password, Change your password.".

6.) Enter your "Old password", "Create new password" and then "Confirm new password".

7.) When finished select "submit". When complete it should take you to the Office 365 Portal where it shows all your apps.

If you are still having trouble resetting your password please contact DMACC Tech Support by phone at (515)-965-7300 or email at