The following link provides the DMACC mission statement, purpose, goals and values.


MISSION: DMACC provides quality, affordable, student-centered education and training designed to empower all students in their pursuit of life's opportunities and career goals.

VISION: DMACC will improve the quality of life for individuals in its communities by meeting their educational and training needs throughout their lives.

LIFE'S CALLING: Life's Calling is the essence of Des Moines Area Community College. By evoking opportunity and empowerment, Life's Calling is designed to inspire, energize and encourage students to achieve their career dreams and life's aspirations-right here at DMACC.


Prepare students to succeed in earning a baccalaureate degree by offering transferable higher education courses

Prepare students to succeed by offering higher education courses in technical and occupational areas that lead to an associate's degree, certification, or diploma.

Through collaboration and cooperation with business and labor, prepare individuals for success in the work force by anticipating and responding to work place training and education needs.

Provide opportunities for high school students that include alternative high school completion programs, college-level academic and technical courses, and courses not currently available at their high schools.

Provide support services for students that are under prepared or have other challenges that might prevent them from being successful in higher education programs.

To meet the needs of our diverse population, develop partnerships with educational institutions, businesses, governmental agencies, and communities.

For students, faculty, staff, and community, continuously improve access to and make optimal use of current and emerging technology.

Provide opportunities for students and members of the community to pursue avocational interests and personal development.

Provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff to create and maintain a campus climate conducive to collaboration and cooperation, responsible and innovative use of resources, and a process of continuous improvement.

Provide opportunities for adults to complete their high school diploma.


FIRST in Quality - A true cornerstone of our past and present and future success is the quality of the education and services we provide for our students and our district.

FIRST in Service - Every person in our service area has the right to a DMACC education.

FIRST in Affordability - We are committed to making a quality DMACC education as affordable as possible


Responsiveness - Reach out actively to serve our communities.

Excellence - Ensure accountability, quality, and responsibility in every endeavor.

Community - Exchange and communicate ideas and information openly, through collaboration and shared decision-making.

Learning - Create a student-centered environment to foster lifelong, accessible and relevant learning leading to career success.

Cultural Understanding and Mutual Respect - Value individual rights, privacy and diversity.

Innovation - Embrace change and anticipate emerging issues.

Professional Integrity - Maintain a high standard of ethics and honesty in professional activities and performance of duties.