You can copy everything out of Word, paste it into Notepad or other text only program to remove all the formatting.  Then copy from Notepad back into Word and attempt to format again.

Note:  Back up your files to ensure you don't lose anything.

Also, If the formatting looks correct within Word it self, try saving the document as a .pdf.  PDF by design is used to lock down the editing or changing of a document.  It is possible this could help in your situation.  Once it is saved as a PDF you can then try to print the PDF.

WORD 2016 - How to save as a PDF:

Note, this saves an additional copy of the document as a PDF it does not overwrite the current document you are using.

1.) Select "File" on the top left of the screen.

2.) If not already selected, select "Save As". From there select the location where you would like to save.  For this example we are going to select "Browse" at the bottom.

3.) Once you have chosen your save as location the "Save As" windows will appear.  Verify you are in the correct save location, enter a file name (Something different than the original file name), then select the down arrow under "Save as type:". Several options will populate.  Select "PDF (*.pdf)"

4.) After you have selected PDF as your document type and entered a file name select "Save".  Your document is now saved as PDF.  Please open the PDF and see if the formatting has stayed the same.  If so please try to print the document from the PDF application.